Shared Game Timer

The Shared Game Timer is a feature-packed turn timer for board games. Read on for the highlights, see the complete list of features or use the button below to create your first timer.

Or search for a public template.

Why use a timer?

Turn timers make games 'flow' better and be more fun, but different people like different 'levels' of timing.

A long-turn alert might be all that is needed to snap someone out of Analysis Paralysis, especially since it says the lapsed time out loud.

A count-up timer can help settle the discussion about 'who is taking a long time' and bring a sense of fairness to the table. A count-down timer is a great way to 'fit a game in' or to make time a resource you have to manage. Finally, some games have sand-timers as a built-in part of the game.

The Shared Game Timer supports all of these modes.

Always within reach

The Shared Game Timer can run on multiple phones, all kept in sync, so everyone has one within reach. No more passing a phone around the table.

Better yet, get a few physical buttons and put the phone in Presentation Mode or Chromecast it to a TV or Alexa screen. Pressing a tactile button is so much more satisfying than tapping a screen, especially when playing board games.

Read on about remote control integrations.

Fixing Errors

It is inevitable that someone is going to forget to end their turn, so now Steve is playing on Jen's time. Fixing this in the Shared Game Timer is super-simple.

There is also an Undo button for the (many!) times Adam asks to 'take his turn back'.

It may seem a trivial thing, but being able to effortlessly fix mistakes is crucial for a good board game timer, and often overlooked in other apps.

Scoresheet and Logging Plays

The Shared Game Timer comes with a customizable scoresheet. You can add as many scoring lines as you wish, and even set formulas for how to calculate VPs from the input. (e.g. 1 VP per 3 coins, rounded down)

You can submit the play to Board Game Geek or Board Game Stats, and it will automatically include the scores, who won and the game length.

Scoresheets (and game settings) can be saved as Templates to make re-use simpler, and there is even a public list of them.

Online Gaming

The Shared Game Timer works great for online gaming like Tabletopia or Tabletop Simulator. Everyone runs the same timer on their phones while playing the game on the computer.

The Token Tracker makes it super easy to track tokens (e.g. Victory Points ⭐, Money 💰, Brick 🧱, Trees 🌲 etc) directly in the app, much faster than dragging tokens around with a mouse. As a bonus, all transactions are shown in a log, so you can keep track of who has done what and when.

Read on about online gaming.