Media Controllers

The Shared Game Timer can pretend to be a 'Media Device', allowing you to control it the same way you control your music, be it a Bluetooth headset, a smart watch or a cheap Bluetooth media remote control.

End Turn
End or Pass Round (if using rounds)
Enter Admin Time or Start/Resume Game/Round
Example Media remote.

One way of using this functionality is to have a cheap Bluetooth headset around your neck, easily reached for when you want to end your turn. Or, if you have a smart watch, you already have a nice remote right there on your wrist. It will even show the name of the current player and their color on the display.

Example Media remote.

Another option is to buy a Bluetooth media remote. They usually go for less than $20, and seem to work well. One caveat though: if you get a media remote that ALSO acts as a speaker or has a AUX port allowing you to plug in a speaker, then it will most likely steal the sound of your device and try to play it through the remote, and turning this off can be hard. If you get a remote with no playback functionality, this shouldn't be an issue.