Flic Buttons

Example Flic Button

Flic is a company that makes tiny little buttons with which you can control your home, and now, your game timer!

You can set them to do different things when you click, double-click or long-press the button. For example, a click to end your turn, a double-click to pass the round and a long-press to toggle in and out of Admin Time.

Buying the right flick

Please make sure you buy the 'Flic 2' button. You do not need the hub to use the buttons with the Shared Game Timer.

Shop around to see if you can get a deal on multiple buttons. Can be useful so everyone has a button within reach.


You connect your Flic to the device on which your run your Shared Game Timer, e.g. your phone. You configure the Flic to send certain keyboard commands when you click, double-click or long-press the Flic button. The Shared Game Timer receives these keyboard commands and does the action.

Step 1: Configure your Flic to send keyboard commands

See this video (iOS or Android) for instructions on how to configure your Flic button to send keyboard commands using the 'Universal Mode'. You can stop watching after they are done with the keyboard mapping part.

The keyboard commands you can choose between are:

(Shift+) TPrimary Action, usually End Turn.
(Shift+) RSecondary Action, usually Pass Round
(Shift+) AToggle Admin Time
(Shift+) PToggle Pause
Shift + UUndo

The Shift key is optional (apart from Mute) and in short, without the Shift key, the action is ignored if it isn't your turn or the turn of a hot-seat player (i.e. a player without their own device).

It is a good idea to check that this is all working OK by going to somewhere you can type (e.g. your mail) and press the button. If you see the keys come in (e.g. t, R or whatever you configured it to send) then you are all set!

Step 2: Activate Keyboard commands in SGT

By default, the Shared Game Timer isn't listening for keyboard commands, so you need to activate that. Don't worry, it is super simple.

During a game, go to the timer menu () and click the 'Gesture Setup' option. On that page, check the 'Keyboard Shortcuts' option. You only need to do this once.

Step 3: ...

There is no step 3! You are all set now to use the Flic button as your super-cool little remote control button!

Player-Specific buttons

If you want a button to work only for a specific player, you can set the button to send the player's Keyboard ID immediately before the T or R key. So to make a button work for e.g. the player with ID 3, send the text '3t' or '3T'.

By making a button player-specific, it will work even when multiple players have an action, e.g. during Simultaneous Turns or when using a Free-Form Turn Order.

The Keyboard IDs are set initially to the order players were added to the game during game creation. The first player added would be #1. The tenth player would be #0. Only ten players may have Keyboard IDs.

You can see and change the Keyboard ID of a player in their respective 'Player Menu'. To map a flick button (that sends a number before the action) to a player:

  1. Click the of the player to map.
  2. Click the 'Set Keyboard ID' menu option.
  3. Click the Flic button.