The Shared Game Timer can connect to many bluetooth-enabled console gamepads and use them as remote controls.

You first have to tell the Shared Game Timer what you want the buttons to do by creating a button action map. For example, you can set the 'X' button to 'End Turn'. This way, you can customize the gamepads any way you want!

Tested Gamepads

Below is a list of gamepads and what devices they work on. The list is incomplete. on gamepads you've tried, and I will update the list. All tests have been done on Chrome, unless otherwise specified.

If a controller works mainly on Windows/Mac, consider using a laptop, put it on a desk near the gaming table and put the Shared Game Timer into Presentation Mode.

8BitDo Zero 2

Image of the 8BitDo Zero 2 gamepad.

This tiny gamepad is the perfect size for a remote control! And it is cheap! I found it for $20 on Amazon. It has no rumble though.

Works great! Hold down the X and Start buttons to enter Windows pairing mode.
Works great! Hold down the B and Start buttons to enter Android pairing mode.
Works great! (Except the start/select buttons.) Hold down the A and Start buttons to enter iOS pairing mode.

Nintendo Switch Joycon

Image of the Nintendo Switch Joycon gamepad.

The Nintendo Switch Joycon controller is small and thus perfect for serving as a remote control, and it comes in two parts that can be given to different players!

The rumble only work on the left controller. Windows doesn't auto-reconnect with the remotes and require you to forget the previous bluetooth connection before reconnecting.
No rumble. Not all buttons work. Shows up as two controllers, so requires two mappings for left/right.
I could not even connect the Joycon to an iPhone. If you find a way to do it, do let me know.

Nintendo Wii

Image of the Nintendo Wii gamepad.

I so wanted this to work, but it is a struggle to even connect to it, and then it turns out it does not support the Gamepad API. If you can make it work, do let me know!