Self ie Shutters

Example Selfie remote.

Selfie Shutters are cheap Bluetooth remote controls used to trigger an iOS or Android phone to take a picture. You can find them for under $5 on Amazon. With one of these 'clickers', you can put the phones away and just pass around this tiny remote.

One Click End Turn
Two Clicks End or Pass Round (if using rounds)
Long Press Enter Admin Time or Start/Resume Game/Round
2 Clicks + Long Press Undo

Trouble Shooting

Selfie Remotes that work on iOS phones send the 'Volume Up' key, and depending on your device, they may or may not work as a Shared Game Timer remote.

There is currently a popular selfie remote that has two buttons, one for Android and one for iOS. (pictured) The Android button on it sends the 'Enter' key, which the timer should recognize fine. The other larger button sends the problematic 'Volume Up'.

The Volume Up type of remote will work on a Windows computer. If playing at home, you may wish to log in to the Shared Game Timer both on your phone and computer, hook the remote to the computer and use your phone at the table when needed.

If you have a Volume Up remote that you want to pair with an Android Phone, then there is a workaround. You can use Tasker to map the Volume Up to actions in Shared Game Timer. For help to set this up, email me at .