Govee Light Bulbs

The Shared Game Timer can connect to Govee LED lights and set their color to the current player color. It is a fun way to show whose turn it is.

The Shared Game Timer will send commands over your internet connection to Govee's servers, who will then forward the command to your Govee light. So your light needs to be hooked up to the internet, and so will you. This will not work offline.


  1. Hook up your light to Wifi. (instructions included with your Govee)
  2. In the Govee Home app, go to My Profile -> About Us -> Apply for API Key and request an API key.
  3. In a Shared Game Timer, go to the 'Remote Control' settings page, click the Govee button and enter your API key.
  4. Click 'Search' and you'll see all your Govee lights. Add the ones you want to integrate with the Shared Game Timer.
  5. Hit the 'Enable Govee on this device' switch. If you have multiple devices, only activate Govee on one of them, or you'll send duplicate commands.

Supported Devices

To see if your product is compatible with the Shared Game Timer, please see the Govee API Reference.

The devices that I or other users have used successfully are:

If you try a device, please let me know how it worked out and I'll update the list above.

Rate Limits

The Govee integration uses the Govee Developer API. They limit the number of commands that can be sent to a device. The main limit is the number of commands that can be sent to a single device. That is currently set to 10 requests / minute. In other words, if you have more than 10 turns in a minute (fast game!) then you might hit that limit. But it shouldn't be a problem for most people. You can see the current rate limit in the Govee API Reference


I used the node-govee-led library in creating this Govee integration. Thanks!